I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now and by while I actually mean years overdue! Oh Well. Often when working with Dynamics 365 you will encounter issues with Microsoft Internet Explorer (all versions even 11) yes I know its a Microsoft product and one would expect this to work with yet another Microsoft Product – right? wrong. It’s often always wrong unfortunately!.

WARNING – I am about to rant in next couple of paragraphs you may want to skip ahead for the IE Fixes.

No doubt some people will be saying what you mean IE? What you talking about you idiot (steady on mate that’s a little harsh!) – its my fault for not moving on with the times don’t you know the world now runs on EDGE??.

WTF? Does anyone actually use that piece of crap? (Ouch).

IE, Edge or Chrome?

The facts are at time of writing that the world-wide adoption of EDGE hasn’t exactly been very good and in any case IE is still listed as a fully supported browser for Dynamics 365. In an ideal world IE would work with another Microsoft product (i.e. CRM/365) without having to make loads of browser setting changes! AND Edge would be be more popular than IE! BUT alas this is not the case is it? EDGE is technically better than IE and quoted as being more secure because IE is old, decrepit and is effectively a Compatibility mode application. Chrome is just awesome, the development experience is much nicer I think in Chrome (When it works with D365! See Oct 2018) thanks to the numerous extensions plus its easier to run browser sessions to different tenants in parallel through Chromes Profile switcher. Whilst we are discussing chrome here are some nice extensions I like to save time:

  • Dynamics CRM Power Pane
  • LevelUp
  • Extension for Dynamics CRM
  • CRM Javascript Fiddle
  • ClearCache
  • ModifyHeaders

Fixes and Changes

Move to Chrome! Here is a quick reference containing a bunch of sweeping changes you need to make to ensure small things like (you know) POPUP windows actually work in the application and you are able to (you know) customize a form layout?!? As without compatibility settings you may find you can’t even drag and drop components onto a form. BIG CAVEAT here… it may vary depending on what version of CRM you are working on and your version of IE but generally in my experience all these settings need to be set.

Typical Issues you may encounter

  • Popup windows don’t open
  • You are not able to login to Dynamics CRM
  • You are not able to customize a form (The components when trying to move on a form don’t stick)
  • Legacy forms don’t load or display correctly
  • Too many more to list I am depressed enough
  1. Compatibility View- add your CRM URL to the list; use *.yourdomain format to cover all possible subdomains or *.dynamics.com if online:
Compatibility view settings IE 11

2. Pop-up Blocker – enable pop-up blocker if it is not already on.

Add *.yourdomain format to cover all possible subdomains or *.dynamics.com if online to the exclusions list

You get the idea!

3. Internet Security : Security Tab : Trusted Sites

Add *.yourdomain format to cover all possible subdomains or *.dynamics.com if online.

Under Trusted Sites: Custom Level – enable the option “Allow Display of Mixed Content”

3. Clear IE cache, exit, verify no other instances of IE are running, re-launch IE and test login to CRM

4. For a more thorough cleanup of cache and other temporary files, run a maintenance application like CCleaner (Piriform).

5. Close all IE browsers and restart the application. At this point I often run IE initially by right clicking on it and selecting “Start InPrivate Browsing” once that works as I expect then I close the session down and start a normal browsing session and ensure behavior is as expected. If you still having login issues you can go into Web Credentials and clear out dynamics tokens and try again sometimes this helps but typically you may only come across this if you are accessing multiple Dynamics 365 tenants at the same time and that is an article for another day! Hopefully not years this time.

Check out my other article on how to view web service responses within your browser and the differences: Internet Explorer does not support this feed format Dynamics 365.

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